Doing our part to alleviate the national teacher shortage. Selected was founded to help teachers and schools make higher quality matches with ease. A better fit and discovery process means better retention.

We match teachers with schools and jobs they love. We bring our education and social impact backgrounds, programming and design chops, and passion to accomplish this goal.

If you'd love to join our mission, see our open positions or get in touch!

Who we are

Thinkers who do

Always learning. Always curious. Always hungry. Embrace new ideas and constraints. Act with purpose.


Supportive through every win and failure. Defer credit to the team. Take responsibility and ownership for actions.

Mission- and commercially-driven

Passionate about the mission. Entrepreneurs at heart. Results and data-driven. Resourceful. Constantly reprioritizing based on need and impact.

User experience first

Empathetic to users without prejudice. Anticipate needs. Obsessed with quality of experience. Appreciate details and prioritize those that matter.

Good people

Humble and authentic. Open-minded. Generous and optimistic.


Distill a problem to its essence. Say no if an action or feature deviates from the original purpose. Eliminate interference and non-essentials.

Open positions

Director of Marketing and Community

Your primary responsibilities: target new sources of teachers, identify promising marketing channels and partnerships, be creative and resourceful with a limited marketing budget, and embody the mission of Selected. You know the K-12 education landscape well, especially teacher pathways, and enjoy communicating with and evaluating teachers. You are both commercial and focused on continually enhancing the experience and satisfaction of our teacher community.

Fullstack JS developer

We are a fullstack JS shop. Happy to chat in more detail!